We are Sustainable Development Laboratory (PZR), a non-governmental organization from Torun (Kuyavian-Pomeranian voivodeship, Poland) supporting local governments in developing local policies and making decisions based on participatory processes.

Since 2010, we specialize in programming and implementing complex participatory processes in partnership with local governments and public institutions, as well as conducting and strengthening social dialogue.

Our mission is to support local governments in strategic management, which is based on sustainable development, leading to an increase in the quality residents’ life.

We have conducted many participatory and public consultation processes all over Poland: in more than 80 projects we worked with city authorities, inhabitants and other stakeholders groups to create a friendly, safe and prosperous cities in which people want to live and work. We have a lot of experience in participatory processes and revitalization, as well as in social and cultural diagnosis.

We are also experienced in international cooperation with other NGOs and public institutions. We work in various areas, mainly in the field of participation in spatial planning, participatory building of urban development strategies, revitalization, programming cultural activities for public institutions, has experience in processes focused on technology and their influence on society.

Our team consists of people whose passion and mission is to change the reality around us. Specialists and practitioners in the field of sociology, civic participation, environmental protection, strategic management, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, with academic and social experience.

Currently, we are implementing the project Space for Participation (2018-2021), regarding the improvement of spatial planning processes by supporting several urban and rural local governments in conducting public consultations. We are also currently implementing an international project Creating interfaces: building capacity for integrated governance at the Food-Water-Energy-nexus in cities on the water (2018-2021). In the project we are focusing on the online tool supporting management and communication on food quality in Slupsk city (Pomeranian voivodeship, Poland).

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